888-BOOTCAMP Locations in DC, MD and VA

Awesome!!  You just got a GREAT DEAL!

We are positive that you’ll enjoy your time with us … IF YOU SHOW UP!

Believe it or not, lots of people buy these vouchers, then never show up… weird huh?  Not you though, you are SERIOUS about doing this, RIGHT?  Of course you are.  So, what happens next?

It may take up to 24 business hours for us to process your enrollment.  We need to do a little manual labor on our part to redeem your voucher.  Once we get our work done, you will be able to begin your work(out).  You’ll know we did our job once you get an email from Carol@SargeFitness.com.  She will ask you to sign up for specific classes (i.e. pick your schedule) which will put your name on our trainer’s rosters.  Once they see your name, they will expect you to start showing up!  If you want to attend class before this all occurs, please understand that no one will be expecting you until the confirmations are completed but we all can live with that.

We are serious about helping you with your fitness and want you to get started as soon as possible and we will do our part to get you set up as quickly as possible.  Now, do us a favor and LIKE our Sarge Facebook page.  No, seriously!

Finally, how about your share your excitement with your friends!! Click your favorite Social media platform and invite someone to join you.

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