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If you’ve tried all the exercise programs out there and still aren’t seeing the results you want when it comes to facing the scale, don’t give up hope. Many of our regular clients say that what initially got them interested in boot camp was finding a more effective weight loss program, and that’s exactly what fitness boot camp can do for you.

If you’re frustrated with your current weight loss progress, visit us today in Merrifield VA for indoor or outdoor boot camp and try a class to see the results for yourself.

Here are some of the reasons boot camp can help you succeed with your weight loss goals that may have fallen short with your basic gym membership:

Variety of Exercise

As boot camp instructors, we pride ourselves on crafting challenging weight loss programs which feature a variety of exercises.  Whereas many of our clients report they had grown bored with traditional “gym exercises” or running, our programs mix in a variety of both outdoor and indoor exercises that provide a full body workout which varies from week to week.  Our goal is to keep your body guessing as to what’s coming next – making exercise both fun and exciting.

Switch to Bodyweight Exercises

One of the reasons people like our outdoor boot camps in Merrifield, VA is because it gets them outside under the sun and in the fresh air. However, another is because we tend to rely on bodyweight exercises, which are far more effective in creating functional fitness. Of course, most other exercise programs are missing them completely.

Building muscle doesn’t have to mean turning sideways to get through the door. It can have a very real impact on helping you lose weight, tone up and look better overall. Our bodyweight exercises are far better for building muscle than routines that involve isolating one or two muscle groups for numerous sets.

Increased Accountability

Another reason people don’t see results is because they have no one to push them when they’re ready to skip. Sometimes it’s difficult to get to the gym after a long day, or at times when you’re simply not in the mood. Other times, your friends and family aren’t supportive of your change in lifestyle.

But at our Merrifield, VA boot camps, you’ll quickly feel like part of the Custom Fitness Concepts community. Part of our job as your trainers is to hold you accountable for your own fitness goals, and this alone can make all the difference when you want to finally make a lasting change and hit your weight loss goals.

Instead of giving up on your fitness goals simply because you haven’t yet seen the results you want, consider joining our Merrifield, VA boot camps. We can give you the nutritional advice you need to make better decisions when it comes to food, and our workouts are unrivaled for showing you better results in a truly effecitve weight loss program. All you have to do is call us at 877-598-0530 to get started.

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