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Chances are if you’re trying to lose weight, you might be staying away from strength training exercises because you think if you get stronger, you’ll bulk up and build muscle instead of losing fat or getting truly fit. But at Custom Fitness Concepts, we understand the link between strength and overall fitness, and put those principles to work in our outdoor fitness boot camp programs at all of our locations, including both our indoor and outdoor programs in Merrifield, VA which will help you build strength and overall functional fitness.

More Muscle, Less Fat

Muscle and fat will always compete for the nutrients in your body. There is only so much for them to live off of. So if you can get stronger and grow more muscle, fat will lose out. Furthermore, muscles are part of a healthy metabolism which will help you make better use of the food you consume.

Better Stamina

Strength training also correlates with improved stamina. To put it simply, the more muscle you gain, the more endurance you’ll have. This makes it far easier to get off the couch and go exercise or just take part in life. If you’ve had trouble exercising on a regular basis because you don’t feel like you have the energy, it might actually be that you don’t have the muscle.

Health is about more than losing weight, though. Here are some other ways the strength training elements of our outdoor boot camps in Merrifield, VA can make you a healthier person overall.

Stronger Muscles, Stronger Bones

Interestingly enough, building stronger muscles is a great way to make stronger bones. As we age, this becomes increasingly important, especially for women. Sadly, although they face a much higher risk of ailments like osteoporosis, women are far more likely to view gaining muscle as a negative quality. At Custom Fitness Concepts, our outdoor boot camps will turn that misconception around.

Counteract Chronic Conditions

Another interesting piece of counter intuitiveness is that doing exercises that make you stronger will help counteract chronic conditions you may currently be living with. Most of us with back problems, for example, wouldn’t dream of making it worse by lifting weights. But it turns out that getting stronger can actually be quite helpful. It can do the same for things like heart disease and arthritis.

Of course, at Custom Fitness Concepts, we don’t rely much on heavy weights. Just bring your body, lift that enough and you’ll see plenty of muscle. This is a great way to avoid injury, as well.

Reinforce Your Focus

There have also been some studies that show a correlation between getting stronger and maintaining focus. As with bone density, this is an extremely important benefit to have as we get older. Strength training will not only help you look good as you age, but keep that mind sharp, too.

Don’t listen to anyone who tries to dissuade you from getting stronger for fear of looking like a lineman. You just need to do it right. Get started today with our strength training programs in the Merrifield area, call Custom Fitness Concepts today at 877-598-0530 and we’ll show you why our outdoor boot camps are the best way to train for strength, lose weight and be an overall healthier individual.

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