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If your New Year’s resolution was to trim some inches from that waist, you may not exactly be happy with your results, yet. Call Custom Fitness Concepts today at 877-598-0530 and let’s turn things around with one of our unique fitness programs at bootcamp in Merrifield, VA.  We promise you will get away from isolated weight machines in the gym and out under the sun where you can enjoy the fresh air and finally start hitting those fitness goals.

Complete Change of Environment

One of the best parts of our fitness programs is that they’re outside. Thanks to our work lives, most people simply don’t get enough healthy exposure to the sun and access to fresh air. It can really make all the difference when it comes to enjoying your sessions.

But that’s not the only difference you’ll notice with our fitness programs. We don’t have huge, clunky weights or the type of people that like to bang them around. There are no cumbersome machines you need a master’s degree in order to use. In fact, we don’t even like treadmills.

Full Body Workouts

Instead, our fitness programs in Merrifield, VA and all of our locations focus on core concepts that provide real results. You’ll reduce your body fat while building your cardio so you can see a toned, defined body in no time.

Of course, we do have some toys. Our boot camp instructors are fond of medicine balls, bosu balls, body bars and TRX suspension trainers. All of these tools are great for full body workouts that provide real results.

Professional Guidance

Even without large weights or machines, proper form is still essential. This is especially important for those of us who are trying to get back into shape or haven’t worked out for a while. Our form may be rusty so it’s important to have proper guidance.

As everyone knows, lacking form is how you end up with an injury. Injuries can range from those that take you out of action for a week to those that are chronic and will recur for the rest of your life. Either way, you’re not getting the fitness results you want. But even if you’re able to maintain poor form without getting injured, you’re still not going to achieve your fitness goals as quickly as you’d like. As a result, like many people, you may give up.

But at our Merrifield, VA boot camps, you’ll always be under the watchful eye of our professional trainers. At Custom Fitness Concepts, we don’t just push you, we make sure you’re working out safely too.

All for One

It’s understandable if you feel a bit intimidated about the idea of joining one of our boot camps. Plenty of people feel as though they’ve been out of the loop for too long. They’re afraid they’ll embarrass themselves or slow the group down.

But while this is understandable, it’s completely unnecessary. Our boot camps are designed for beginners and advanced participants alike. If anything, you’ll probably enjoy the sense of togetherness that this atmosphere instills. It’s easier to get up and find the energy to participate in our fitness programs when you know you have other participants who are counting on your support.

So make this the year you finally drop those pounds, raise your mood and tone that body once and for all. At Custom Fitness Concepts, we have the fitness programs you need to reach your goals this time around. If you live or work in the Merrifield, VA area, give us a call at 877-598-0530 and begin the journey.

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