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Fitness Boot Camp – Indoors!

Over the years, one reason people often cite for not sticking with boot camp is the fact that it’s outdoors.  And while there are many of our regular clients who thrive on the outdoor atmosphere and the changing temperatures and conditions, there are others who still prefer to workout indoors and take the elements out of the equation.

If you’re one of those folks, our indoor fitness center in Merrifield, VA is for you!  Register for a free class and see for yourself how our program work at Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts.

How Indoor Boot Camp if Different from the Gym

No Socializing

Look, we’re all friends at our fitness center and we want people to feel a sense of community. But when our boot camps start, the sole focus is getting in shape and not hanging around talking.

Far too many people waste time at their fitness center, socializing. They leave with more gossip than sweat and then wonder why they’re not seeing the results they wanted. Believe us, this will not be a problem at Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts.

Too Many People

Another problem many have at huge gyms is that you simply can’t get any time with the machine you want to use. Instead, you feel your heart rate dropping after all that work you put into getting it up or you never get started on the right foot in the first place. Maybe this is when socializing kicks in, as you hover around that one machine.

This doesn’t happen at Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts, either. For one thing, we cap the number of people we allow into each boot camp session. Secondly, at our fitness center, your body is about the only machine you’ll need.

Not So Easy to Skip

While you may have a social circle at the gym, many people don’t or it’s not a committed one. They’re just friends to chat with in between sets. But when you enter into a boot camp, you quickly become part of a community with everyone else.

We pride our boot camps on being tough, but not in a way that scares customers off. Since 1989, we’ve been pushing people to their limit, but they keep coming back. Part of this, we’re proud to say, is because of the bond they form with others.

Furthermore, our job as trainers is to hold our clients accountable for reaching their goals, and that means giving that extra motivation to show up and workout even when maybe you feel like skipping.  It’s harder to skip when you know someone cares.


It can become extremely easy to ditch your gym membership when you realize how much you’re paying and how little you’re doing. Many people justify tossing their workout routine because it’s simply something they can’t afford at the moment. Do they ever return?

You can’t blame the huge gyms, of course. They spend exorbitant amounts on all kinds of machines and unnecessary frills; someone’s got to pay for it. Unfortunately, that person is you.

At Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts, we invest in you. That means we replace machines with knowledge and the best trainers we can find. You can even give us a try for a full week at no cost. Lose pounds at Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts, not dollars.

There is still plenty of time in the year to achieve your weight loss resolutions. Ditch your old gym membership and sign up for an indoor boot camp at our fitness center in Merrifield, VA. Just give us a call at 888-BOOTCAMP and we’ll get you started.

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