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Boot Camps from Custom Fitness Concepts

Many of us make it our resolution each New Year to lose that unnecessary weight. Unfortunately, life usually tends to get in the way. But it’s never too late with the outdoor boot camps we offer at Custom Fitness Concepts. If you live or work in Merrifield VA and area ready for a truly unique fitness program, it’s time to try outdoor or indoor fitness boot camp.

Here are a few reasons why our boot camp regimen is so effective as an overall fitness program.

Outside Workouts Are a Great Change of Scenery

Most of us work indoors all day under fluorescent lights. When we’re not in the building where we work, we’re usually inside a car on our way to another building.

Getting a healthy dose of sun may not be what you imagined as an essential part of successful fitness program, but it can certainly help. Vitamin D from the sun helps to process cholesterol and boosts your mood. Both are important for dropping pounds. Plus, who doesn’t prefer some fresh air to a stifling gym environment?

Also, exercising outdoors allows us to incorporate a variety of challenging exercises on different terrains, and everyone loves the change of pace.

Full Body Workouts

Too many fitness programs focus on just one area of the body. Be honest, how many times have you done countless sit-ups in an effort to lose weight? Did it work?

When you do our full body workouts, you stand a much better chance of achieving what we refer to as functional fitness. That’s because more of your muscles are being engaged at the same time. More muscle equals less fat. Furthermore, by working out more muscle groups, you’ll walk away with a more toned, sculpted body, too. So your results will be noticeable as well.

Do Your Cardio Work

We all know cardio goes a long way in taking off the pounds, but too many people think they have to choose between sculpting their body and going for a jog. Our weight loss programs in Merrifield, VA combine the two. You’ll leave each session with your muscles activated and your cardio challenged. This is a winning combination for fewer pounds.

Enhance Your Metabolism

The other great part about mixing bodyweight exercises with cardio is that your metabolism stands to benefit. By enhancing your metabolism, you’re guaranteed better results even when you’re not doing anything. Imagine if every hour of the day your body was simply better at melting away the fat you don’t need.

Better Nutrition

Weight loss programs that don’t address your nutrition are doomed to fail. In fact, many experts agree that nutrition is perhaps the most important part of any fitness goal. When you work out at our boot camps in Merrifield, VA you get access to our CEO, who has a bachelor’s in health and physical education. We even have a food delivery service to make eating right easier than ever. So you never have to worry about your habits in the kitchen sabotaging your best intentions again.

Instead of trying another fad based fitness program that doesn’t work, dedicate yourself to a solution that actually will. The outdoor boot camps Custom Fitness Concepts puts on in Merrifield, VA are not only fun, they’re effective. Give us a call today at 877-598-0530 and take a leap towards a better body.

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