888-BOOTCAMP Locations in DC, MD and VA

silhouette_mapIndividuals and families around Tysons Corner in McLean, Northern Virginia enjoy an urban district that includes upscale shopping, high tech business opportunities, and a thriving business scene. Now, you can also enjoy custom group workouts held in an outdoor environment and taught by the highly trained fitness instructors at Custom Fitness Concepts.

Custom Fitness Concepts has designed a new and intriguing way to workout that is engaging and highly beneficial because it combines weight and strength training with cardiovascular activities in an outdoor environment, giving students the added health benefits of spending time in a friendly group of people and the great outdoors. Most people in highly congested areas like Tysons Corner have enough stress just trying to get to and from their jobs every day. So adding any additional time in traffic is not going to provide the health benefits and stress reduction we all so desperately need. Instead, the Custom Fitness Concepts workout comes to you and brings a group of people ready to help you attain your fitness goals without the traditional gym atmosphere.

We meet in your neighbourhood and customize our boot camps to meet your needs. Taught in a group, your custom workout routine will give you all the health benefits you need to improve your strength, ease stress, and lose weight while improving your overall well-being.

All first workouts are free, so please contact us for a location near you that meets your schedule.

The group workouts designed and taught by the enthusiastic and experienced fitness trainers of Custom Fitness Concepts are designed to keep your workout:

  • local, or at least very close to you
  • engaging, so you don’t get bored
  • challenging, to ensure your body’s continued progress,
  • and fun!

By combining group exercise with personalized fitness goals in an outdoor environment, you have all the health benefits of a boring gym workout with the added benefit of fresh air, exposure to natural landscapes, and a healthy dose of vitamin D and sunshine.

At Custom Fitness Concepts, we believe we’ve designed the ideal workout for urban individuals, couples, and families.

Give us a call at 877-598-0530 to find a workout location near you.

We’ll find the right workout that meets your schedule so you can start getting healthier today!


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