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silhouette_mapDo you live in Washington, DC or Virginia and want to lose weight FAST? If you have tried to lose weight with traditional exercise programs and diet plans with little or no success we may have your answer. Fitness boot camps are the latest thing to emerge in the world of fitness and health and the success stories of the participants are overwhelming.

If you have tried to lose weight and failed, it is time to try a Custom Fitness Concepts boot camp. We cater to anyone who wants to lose weight FAST and will help you reach your goals with exercise, nutrition, and support. Weight loss and improved health in addition to toned bodies and increased strength are the goal for boot camp participants in Washington DC and Virginia.

What to Expect

A typical CFC boot camp meets several times a week. Normal sessions meet outdoors which adds to the excitement of the boot camp and variety of exercises. Your CFC boot camp instructor will lead your workout every time you meet. This is a huge difference from the typical gym personal trainer who may check in on you if time allows and the personalized attention may be just the push you need to keep you coming back.

In the first few workouts you will feel muscles you have never used before. You will sweat more than you thought possible. You will ache and you will feel exhausted after each session.

Once the initial feelings of discomfort fade you will begin to experience things you never before thought possible. You will say to yourself, “Why did I wait this long? But remember, if your goal is to lose weight FAST than things like sore muscles and little discomfort should be expected along the way.

Your boot camp workout will include cardio and strength training. The key is the intense, full body workout you will do each boot camp session.

Burn Calories and Build Muscle

The boot camp model is based on interval training. This type of exercise system will have you doing intense bursts of cardio followed by shorter intervals of strength training and flexibility exercises.

The interval model is the best way to lose weight FAST. When you complete full body interval workouts with your CFC boot camp instructor you are burning more fat and more calories in less time than any other form of training.

Try A Class at Locations Throughout Washington, DC & Virginia

If you live anywhere in the Washington, DC or Virginia areas and are serious about weight loss, we can help! Custom Fitness Concepts has more than 20 locations throughout the area, all run by instructors who are ready to help you meet your weight loss goals.

Click here to see a list of CFC Bootcamp locations or to sign up today!

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