888-BOOTCAMP Locations in DC, MD and VA

silhouette_mapIf you find the gym scene a little intimidating or just plain boring, take a look at the fresh alternative of an outdoor fitness boot camp.

Conducted by experienced fitness instructors at Custom Fitness Concepts, our fitness boot camps in Newington, Virginia are designed for busy, working individuals. If you’re one of those who wants to lose weight, increase overall strength and muscle tone but aren’t thrilled at the idea of stuffy, overcrowded, smelly gyms, our fitness boot camps in Newington are for you!

With a Custom Fitness Concept boot camp, you get an enthusiastic instructor and a group of like-minded fitness students to enjoy the great outdoors with. Breathe the fresh air and be in the moment while enjoying a challenging workout to improve your health and well-being.

Every first workout is free for your Newington fitness boot camp.  Contact us right away for more information.

Health-conscious individuals in Newington, Virginia are starting to take advantage of this new concept. Our clients meet us near the community pool. There’s plenty of parking, so you are not all stressed searching for a spot. Drive up, park and join our group right away!

What’s the advantage of fitness boot camps outdoors in Newington, Virginia?

  • You can get a great workout without all the electronics and equipment.
  • More space to spread out and really focus on the exercises without hitting the next person.
  • Fresh air, not that stuff that’s manufactured and pushed through questionably clean pipes!
  • Better exposure to sunshine and healing Vitamin D, naturally!

Take a quick look at one of our fitness boot camp videos on YouTube to see what it’s like.

Call us at 877-598-0530 for information about one of our fitness boot camps in the Newington area near you.

The Newington boot camp group meets in the early morning hours (5 a.m.). We know you have a busy day and taking care of your workout first thing means your day is wide open to accomplish all of the rest you have to do. You won’t be the only one there too – we’re all in this fitness boot camp together, so come join us!

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