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silhouette_mapFt. Washington is now home to the latest trend in fitness – the fitness boot camp as Custom Fitness Concepts is now offering outdoor fitness boot camp classes right here in Ft. Washington, MD! Register today and try a class for free and find out for yourself why fitness boot camps are the most exciting new trend in the world of fitness.

Introduction to Outdoor Fitness Boot Camps

Custom Fitness concepts is giving Ft. Washington residents a great opportunity to change your life by getting truly fit. CFC’s boot camps offer a combination of cardio workouts, strength training, and flexibility exercises designed to burn calories and improve your fitness. And to help get you started, we’re offering you the chance to try a free class with one of our exciting fitness boot camps.

A fitness boot camp is without question the most effective way to exercise. It allows you to target major muscle groups and improve cardio health at the same time. You no longer have to spend alternate days at the gym to get the same results.

Boot camps utilize the successful circuit routines and interval training from military style workouts. With this style of workout you move quickly between exercises – with little rest between circuits.

What Can You Expect?

The basic boot camp experience will have you doing cardio, breaking down for exercises on the ground that target upper and lower body muscle groups like pull-ups and ab crunches, lunges, and squats, and on to short intervals with weights, yoga, or Pilates.

The beauty of CFC boot camps for many is the outdoor workout environment. Boot camps are held outdoors, no matter what the season. Your trainer will take advantage of outdoor features to give you new and exciting workouts every session. For example, cardio on day one may include a jog along the park trails. On day two you may participate in vigorous stair climbing. On day three you may focus on speed walking around the track.

Boot Camp Benefits You Can’t Beat

The benefits of your CFC boot camp include weight loss and increased strength. You will increase your strength while you build muscle mass. You will burn fat with cardio exercises.

Are you in less that great shape? Do not let this fear stop you from signing on to a Bethesda, MD boot camp. CFC boot camps tailor your exercise experience to your ability. You may be able to do modified pushups while your partner is doing traditional pushups, but every person in the camp pushes forward to reach their individual goals while supporting the team.

Find a location throughout Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland

Custom Fitness Concepts is pleased to announce its new location in Ft. Washington, Maryland. However, we also have more than 20 other locations throughout the area where you can attend a class.

Click here to see a list of CFC Bootcamp locations or to sign up today!

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