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silhouette_mapEven the best corporate wellness program in Maryland is only effective if employees can actually use it, so the experienced fitness instructors of Custom Fitness Concepts have come up with a new way for companies and employees to improve employee wellness.

Many corporations are overburdened by the high cost of health care and hampered by employee illnesses, and corporate wellness programs were born from the desire to improve employee wellness across the corporation. Many employees are over stressed by workforce reductions, long commutes and hectic work schedules. Finding the time for a high-quality healthy workout is simply not an option without some help.

With our on-site fitness boot camps in Maryland, you get a high-quality workout taught by enthusiastic instructors. Our custom fitness boot camps include cardiovascular training, strength training, and weights to meet the exercise needs of your employees without the additional costs of building, equipping, and maintaining a gym. When possible, we’ll also take the workout outside so everyone gets a dose of fresh air, a little sunshine and some healing vitamin D.

Every first workout is free. Please contact us and let us design a custom corporate wellness program in Maryland for your employees.

The corporate wellness programs designed and taught by Custom Fitness Concepts ensure that your employees will experience:

  • reduced stress, anxiety and risk for depression
  • a fresh exercise routine that helps keep employees engaged
  • easily accessible locations – even outdoors when the weather permits!
  • customized schedules to meet their needs
  • overall better health and a better sense of well-being

At Custom Fitness Concepts, we believe in giving a fresh spin on the old concepts of group exercise. We give your Maryland company’s team a unique and challenging workout in a refreshing setting to that meets their workday needs – and yours!

Give us a call at 877-598-0530 to discuss your corporate wellness program needs in Maryland.

We’ll fit the workout to your employees’ needs so there will be no more excuses for being unfit!

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