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silhouette_mapCustom Fitness Concepts boot camp experience is a combination of aerobic and cardio workouts plus strength training exercises. With more than twenty fitness boot camps in the Washington DC and Virginia area CFC offers the aerobic exercise you need to make this the year you get fit for life.

Full Body Aerobic Workouts

Jogging alone will not give you the lean look you desire. A high intensity aerobic workout, as a part of the total boot camp experience, stimulates your metabolism to burn more fat and more calories by creating an oxygen debt. Jogging, by contrast, only stimulates half of your body – your lower muscles. CFC boot camps balance aerobic exercises to exercise virtually every muscle in your body – both upper and lower.
If you want to burn fat you will benefit from the CFC boot camp program. Each class is led by a well qualified personal trainer whose goal is to help you will get the best results – better than you ever dreamed possible – through aerobic exercises included as a part of the total body boot camp workout.

Aerobic Exercises We Use

The key to success with aerobic exercise is balance. If you work the lower muscles make sure you work the upper muscles. With the boot camp model you get the work out and the intensity in a short amount of time.

Warm-ups and workouts include aerobic exercises:

  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Jumping rope
  • Mobility drills
  • Sprinting
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Calisthenics

The Boot Camp Experience

For many clients the boot camp environment is the perfect way to burn off fat and get in shape thanks in part to the support and professional instruction each student receives. Other options are offered for clients who cannot meet with organized groups.
If you cannot meet with a scheduled boot camp or want to start a new group with your friends or co-workers the small group option lets you decide the number of days you meet and is an excellent way to get your aerobic exercise in several times a week.

Try a free class today

Don’t be confined to the gym or accept the same old lousy results from your exercise programs. Custom Fitness Concepts boot camps offer powerful aerobic exercise at a variety of convenient locations throughout the Washington DC and Virginia area. So don’t wait, try a free class today!

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