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What is the big deal about 3 sets in your workout

Three Sets Explained

There are many questions that you probably ask yourself about working out:
• Why is this so challenging?
• Do everyone’s muscles burn this much?
• When will this get easier?
• Am I the only one struggling to stay with this?

But one that we hear often at CFC is, why do we do three sets?

It isn’t just another way to torture our clients! Whether it’s regular personal training or a fitness bootcamp, we do three sets of almost every exercise because it ensures that we are effective in reaching all muscle fibers and getting a truly effective workout.

The mystery explained

Your muscles are comprised of several sets of muscle fibers. When you do the first set, you are using the most superficial level of muscle fibers, the ones that you use almost every day in the course of your daily activities. If you stopped here, you would feel little soreness and build no new muscle.

During the second set, you are still using those superficial fibers, but you also begin to reach the deeper levels of fibers that get used less frequently.

If the first set of fibers is the ones you use lifting your spoon to your mouth or picking up a glass, then this second set of fibers would be the ones you use to carry heavy groceries into the house.

When you finish you third set, you are using the deepest levels of fibers, the ones that would allow you to move heavy furniture. Not only are you utilizing muscles that would otherwise go unused, but you are also building those muscles so that you will be stronger overall.

This is why you do three sets when you work out with CFC – to maximize the results you see from each exercise.

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