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Share a Personal Trainer with a friend or group of friends!

You want to exercise, you need to exercise, but personal training and boot camp do not work for you.  No problem, we have a solution for you!  All you need to do is find some friends with similar goals and a location to meet.  The more friends, the less expensive it is for each of you.  With a smaller group you get a more personalized training experience, similar to personal training, but also get the benefits of group training (accountability, motivation, dynamic interactions, camaraderie, to name a few).  CFC’s Small Group Training program will work with each individual to meet his/her goal; even in a group setting! Small groups are the future of fitness with national organizations like Shape, and ACE listing small group training as the new trend in fitness.  Why? Because it’s more focused on the individuals in the program and is very cost effective.  Personal training can cost upwards of $50 – $100 per hour if you are meeting a trainer just 8 times per month and this will cost you between $400-$800/month.  Take advantage of small group training and reap the benefits of personal training without the heavy costs! 

CFC offers two different types of group training:

– Small Group Training (one hour sessions)  Small Group Training is a semi-private group fitness class designed to meet the needs of individuals in a group just as personal training does. Your group will meet for one hour sessions with a personal trainer and build your own schedule with days/times convenient to you.  Prices are based on the size of your group and how many sessions per month you schedule as a group.  Please see price chart below.

– HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training (30 min sessions)  HIIT training is a shorter duration, higher intensity exercise program where you get a full body workout in less time.  HIIT is considered one of the hottest forms of exercise trending and a great way to pack a calorie burning workout maximized in 30 minutes. Your group will meet for 30 minute sessions with a personal trainer and build your own schedule with days/times convenient to you.  Prices are based on the size of your group and how many sessions per month you schedule as a group. Please see price chart below.

You and your group choose the time, place, and days to train.  Our CFC trainer will meet you and your group at the location that is convenient to you.  Don’t worry if you do not have much, if any, equipment. Our trainers will provide everything you need for a highly effective workout.  We will even offer the first session/class for free!

We offer:

  • The flexibility to have your Small Group Training when and where you want it
  • Your personal trainer at an affordable rate
  • Routines designed to reduce body fat, increase stamina and tone/build muscle
  • Modifications for each exercise allowing different fitness levels to work together
  • We will bring all the necessary equipment if needed
  • Rates for different sized groups (3-5, 6-9 or 10-14)

Training sessions are typically held in the most convenient spaces available:

  • Living rooms, basements, back yards
  • Local parks
  • Conference rooms or other open space at work
  • Nearest parking lot

Prices and Terms:

Small Group Training rates are based on the size of your group.  All clients in the group will pay the same amount while the group decides on the number of days to meet each month.  All commitments are 3 months to begin and then month to month thereafter.  If the group size changes then rates will automatically change to the new rate based on the number of clients.  However, the group will have the opportunity to cancel after the third month.

Cost is per person, per month:

# in Group # of Sessions  30 minuts (HIIT) 60 minutes
3 to 5 4 sessions $100/month $120/month
8 sessions $200/month $240/month
12 sessions $300/month $360/month
6 to 8 4 sessions $80/month $100/month
8 sessions $120/month $200/month
12 sessions $240/month $300/month
9 to 14 4 sessions $60/month $80/month
8 sessions $120/month $120/month
12 sessions $180/month $240/month

If you are interested in learning more about CFC’s Small Group Training Program, or if you have a group ready to get started, please email info@cfcfitness.com so we can help get you started!

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