Rockville Boot Camp at Aquatic Swim Center

Welcome to Rockville Boot Camp at The Aquatic Swim Center

Aquatics Swim CenterSergeant's Fitness Concepts is excited to invite you to our Rockville Boot Camp class.  Our class meets Monday through Friday from 5:50-6:50am.  The address during the:

Spring - Fall: is at the Kennedy-Shriver Aquatic Swim Center
5900 Executive Blvd
Rockville, MD 20852
(Sometimes we head over to Tilden Middle School for track work or bleachers)

During the Winter (December - March), is in the "far South" parking lot past the Aquatic Center building (just drive past the MAC and keep going til you dead end. Our INDOOR LOCATION is the building right next to the MAC--it is a separate building that from the outside looks like an empty garage.  No windows no lights. There is a paved blacktop path leading to it. Park in the first set of spaces across from the MAC so you don't have to walk too far carrying weight, mat, water etc. If it is nice outside, we stay outside but if it's bitter cold, we will head indoors.

Instructor: Jay

Hi! My name is Jay and I have been the trainer at Rockville's longest running boot camp class since 1999!  I bring a high level of energy to every class and I promise to get you excited about your workout.  My group has so much fun that they do not even realize how hard they are working.  At the end of most of my classes everyone says that the time flew by (but they never seem to complain about 'leaving early'!)  While fun is a part of the equation, don't think that we are not serious about our fitness!  We work hard because we want to see results.

I hope you'll come try my class because I am eager to help you with your fitness goals.  The demo week is an awesome way to give the program a shot and see if it is right for you.  My group is very open to having new members join us and we look forward to meeting you!


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