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Sarge Fitness Running improvement program

Our Running Improvement Program combines cross-training boot camp workouts with a structured running program!  The running workouts are focused on improving the ability of runners get faster and run further. The cross-training workouts will help you remain injury-free and stay healthier overall!

Class Schedule:

M/W/F: Cross Training Boot Camp at the Sarge Studio

T/TH: Structured Running Days at various locations in Sterling/Ashburn


Meet the Instructor

Your trainer: Tom Kalka is a RRCA Level 1 Certified Running Coach with decades of running and coaching experience.



More Details:

We meet at the studio at 4:55AM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for boot camp. On Tuesday and Thursday, we meet at 4:55AM at various locations around Sterling and Ashburn for different types of running events.

We use an app called GroupMe to publish where to meet and what the workout will be. We have walkers who will show up as well as all pacing groups from 12 minute milers to 6 minute milers!

Structured Runs include:

– Fartleks
– Negatives
– Trackwork – for intervals

– LSD (Long Steady Distance)

Strength Building:
– Hill Repeats
– Stair Climbing
– Bleacher

Form Drills:
– Foot Strike
– Arm Swing
– Breathing


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