Private Fitness (Personal Training)





Private Fitness is our personal training, buddy training or small group training program.

Focused on her client

Our trainers will meet you at your home, office or any location that is convenient to you.  Sarge trainers are eager to help you reach your fitness goals.

Our clients are busy people just like you, who are eager to exercise but lack the time or discipline to get to a class or gym.  Our clients stick with their fitness programs for several reasons:

Donovan teaching the lunge

  • Fast results you can see and feel
  • Affordable rates with flexible plans
  • Knowledgeable personal trainers who care about your results
  • Convenience–our trainers come to you and bring the necessary equipment with them!

All the excuses are now gone and your path to fitness is now easier, minus the working out part of course.

Sergeant's Fitness Concepts trainers are versed in all the latest training techniques like Tabata, Superslow, body weight training, resistance band training, HIIT, and are excited to create a routine that focuses on the goal you choose!

All of our Private Fitness Sessions are one hour-long and you choose how often you wish to meet with your trainer. Your trainer will decide on the scheduled time, days and location that meet your needs!

Our base rate is $75 per hour with a four (4) week commitment:

Price shown is per contract period.



Cost shown is per contract period. Theoretically, each person would split the cost 50/50.

Cost shown is per contract period. Theoretically, each member of the group would split the overall cost evenly.

Dusty Anderson, Sarge Personal Training Manager


















If you are interested in hiring a Sarge Fitness Personal Trainer contact or click here.

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