888-BOOTCAMP Locations in DC, MD and VA


If you are around or passed retirement age and want to continue your fitness journey, our General’s Fitness program is for you.

Primarily based upon our Sarge Fitness boot camp, this class works with seniors and adults through community, nursing, and retirement centers, General’s Fitness programs are customizable to the ability and interest of those participating.  We spend our time focused on the things the seniors need to be concerned with to include: weight bearing exercises, balance and stability, flexibility and strengthening the lower back.

Each General’s Fitness instructor works with their clients to provide safe and effective workouts to help regain strength and continue an active and healthy lifestyle. This program is perfect for clients of all shapes, sizes, and conditioning levels.

General’s Fitness is a customizable program for interested members. Please contact Carol@sargefitness.com for more information on how to create a program that works for you.

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