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With so much conflicting information about what is the “best” fitness program, it can be difficult finding the one that’s right for you. At Custom Fitness Concepts, we like to think we provide the absolute best option because our workout programs don’t rely on machines or the latest fads in exercise.  Instead, our workout programs are focused on building functional fitness through our boot camp program, and we have a location right here in Merrifield, VA. Call us today at 877-598-0540 and we’ll show you why the only machine you need is your body.


One of the main reasons people neglect the workout programs they start is because they don’t believe they have enough time for them. Between work, their families, a social life and everything else, where are they supposed to find the hours they believe they need every day to fit in a real workout?

That’s why bodyweight exercises, like the kind we use in our outdoor boot camps, are so great. They automatically work out several muscle groups all at once. The days of spending an hour on just one body part are over. With Custom Fitness Concepts, it can actually take less time to see more results!

Better Cardio

Another great thing about workout programs that rely on your bodyweight is that it’s so easy to implement cardio. Again, you’re getting more workout for less time. Too many people think they have to decide between a toned, sculpted physique from lifting weights and a thin, trimmed body from cardio. But both are equally important to your fitness and health goals. By training your whole body through our boot camps, you get both!

Burn More Fat

When you combine cardio and muscle building, you won’t immediately see some of the best results (though you may feel them the next day). That’s because these workouts are actually changing the way your metabolism works. Long after your boot camp session in Merrifield, VA has ended, your body will still be benefiting.

A Workout for Everyone

Because we don’t have one standard weight for everyone in our program to lift or even one standard exercise, everyone can join in. Has it been a while since you’ve exercised? Don’t waste another moment doubting yourself. Our Merrifield, VA boot camps are great because certain workouts can be modified, so that everyone can join in.

A Strong Core

Of course, everyone wants a sexy, sculpted core. But abs are just half the story. Our bodyweight exercises do a superior job of targeting a wider range of the more than 29 muscle groups surrounding your core. The result is not just a better looking abdomen, but an entire core than can better serve your body and keep you looking great.

Improved Flexibility

Just because you don’t have any ambitions of becoming a gymnast doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from improving your flexibility. The full range of motion demanded by our bodyweight exercises means your joints get to move freely and your muscles are less likely to tighten up. The upshot? Better posture and fewer problems with your back.

So if you want to get in better shape this year, call Custom Fitness Concepts today at 877-598-0540. Our Merrifield, VA workout programs at boot camp are the last workout programs you’ll ever need!

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