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Want to lose weight? Look better? Feel better?

Of course you do.

Then step one is to get off the treadmill, away from that pec deck and see for yourself what body weight workouts are all about at our Merrifield, VA boot camps. Call Custom Fitness Concepts today at 877-598-0530 or register online for a free course..

Benefits of Body Weight Workouts

There is a good reason that trainers everywhere are quickly adopting what we call “body weight workouts”.  Here are a few of the main benefits compared to traditional gym-based exercises:

Less Chance of Injury

No one likes getting injured, of course, but it’s always a risk when you’re working out. Fortunately, our body weight workouts make it far less likely compared to using those cumbersome machines at the gym. For one thing, it’s too tempting to add on as much weight as possible to prove you still have it. Secondly, those machines can actually provide a negative type of support that doesn’t allow supporting muscle groups to grow.

Get injured and you can’t work out. So now, you’re hurt and probably gaining weight. When you do our boot camps in Merrifield, VA, you’re predominately lifting your own body weight and you have a trainer right there watching.

Less Chance of Boredom

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ve probably ditched a workout routine because it got boring. Most routines are. You pull a weight up, you let it back down. You push a weight up, you let it back down. Or you simply walk in place for an hour.

At Custom Fitness Concepts, we have an unending library of body weight workouts available to you, making it impossible for boredom to sneak in. Plus, we superset them together for an even better workout that keeps things interesting.

Functional Fitness

That’s great you can squat a small car, but can you handle the basic fitness requirements of your everyday life? People have lost focus on functional fitness which, simply put, means being able to achieve the daily goals you need your body to handle – whether that’s completing a race or simply walking up a flight of stairs with groceries..

Doing crazy feats of strength is all well and good, but you probably won’t be trying them when you’re 70. Instead, you’ll want to have an overall level of fitness that helps you to stay active and healthy no matter what your personal fitness goals are..

Better Overall Body

When you do our body weight workouts, you get a better body. That’s because they demand more muscle groups in every exercise. By using only your body and foregoing all of the extra help machines can provide, more muscles are recruited, which means more muscles are strengthened. To do the same with gym machines, you’d have to spend all day there.

Better Cardio

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you cardio-addicts. But, cardio without muscle won’t lead to a better look and can easily end up being unhealthy. And for those of you concerned that lifting your body weight won’t help your cardio, come to one of our Merrifield, VA boot camps. You don’t just do a pushup and then wait an hour. Rep after rep will get your heart pumping in no time.

Try a Body Weight Workout in our Merrifield VA Boot Camp

If you’ve shied away from body weight workouts in the past, for whatever reason, you’ve been missing out. Call Custom Fitness Concepts at 877-598-0530 for a boot camp in Merrifield, VA and try a body weight workout for yourself. We’ll get you out under the sun, in the fresh air, pumping your own body weight and seeing amazing results.

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