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IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ:  Sarge Fitness would like to continue to serve clients who find us but our classes have limited space.  Therefore, we are only allowing NEW CLIENTS to join using Groupon.  New clients are defined as people who have never used our services before.  This includes: Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts, The Sergeant’s Program or Custom Fitness Concepts.  If you have used the services of any of these programs before then you are NOT considered a new client and therefore are not eligible to use Groupon. If you have already purchased a Groupon and realize that you are not eligible, please contact Groupon for a full refund.  (Sarge Fitness can not provide refunds as we did not collect your initial payment).

A few other limitations:

Please allow 24 business hours for your Groupon enrollment to be processed. There are some manual steps that require a human to touch your enrollment.

Vouchers can NOT be combined with the demo week, or any other promotions.

In order to enroll: you will need your Groupon Voucher (sent to you by Groupon after your purchase).  Look for the voucher number under the bar code (7-8 digits, no letters) Please scroll down to see the examples below:










Phone view
computer view


Please send the following information to Carol@SargeFitness.com:



Phone number:



Groupon voucher number (7-8 digit number below the bar code):

Boot Camp site where you want to attend class:

Date you wish to start classes:

Carol will help get your set up in our system. We will then verify your Groupon voucher so you can get started with class.

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