888-BOOTCAMP Locations in DC, MD and VA

CFC offers current or former clients (who know our routines and would be able to decipher our directions) the ability to use our workout routines while they are away from our program. These routines follow along with what we are doing in class. So when you return to class, you will not have missed much.

For more information, contact Chantel@CFCFitness.com.

In addition, we are launching a BOOT CAMP ON DEMAND using Vimeo.com. You can follow CFC’s CEO, Tom Kalka, as he guides you through a video taped boot camp session. See the videos here and you can choose to rent a work out for 24 hours, or purchase for your personal use at any time that works for you!  To see what the videos are like, try this FREE 5 minute workout and see if you can keep up!



60 mins of stationary cardio
Cardio boot camp with CFC’s CEO
60 mins of full body boot camp
Full body boot camp with CFC’s CEO
Running Improvement Program #1.0
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