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Personal training in Northern Virginia

Custom Fitness Concepts’ Personal Trainers will:

  • Work with you, at a time and location that is convenient to you.
  • Bring everything needed to have a great workout, fitness equipment is not necessary – but we will use whatever you have as well.
  • Not allow you to have anymore excuses: we will accommodate your needs, goals, and your schedule.
  • Tell you to drop your useless gym memberships: individualized attention in the convenience of your own home or office gym!

Custom Fitness Concepts has certified personal trainers throughout Northern Virginia.






All Personal Training Programs Include

  • A structured personalized routine designed by a CFC certified personal trainer at your home or office
  • A subscription to our newsletter for great information relevant to your fitness goals
  • Access and discounts to our affiliates
  • Combine with our nutrition component to accelerate your results

Personal Training Pricing:

Total Sessions Hourly Rate Number of Payments  Term
36 Sessions
3  90 Days
24 Sessions $75
90 Days
12 Sessions
 60 Days
8 Sessions $85 Pay in Full  30 Days
4 Sessions $90 Pay in Full  30 Days
1 Hour $100
Pay in Full
 10 Days


  • Initial payment due upon enrollment. Subsequent payments due every 30 days
  • Clients and trainer establish their own schedule. CFC does not manage scheduling unless issues arise that can not be worked out between the trainer and the client
  • Unused sessions expire at the end of the term
  • Add $25/hour for one additional person to meet with the trainer during the same hour
  • Any cancellations must be at least 12 hours in advance or forfeit that session
  • Workout sessions last 55-60 minutes and include 10 minutes of assisted stretching

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