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Seminar Pricing

  • Choose any topic listed below and CFC CEO Tom Kalka will present a 40-50 min (with Q&A) seminar to your organization: $150.00
  • Choose any 3 topics (to be given once a month for three months): $400.00
  • Special Fitness Seminar Topics pricing may vary

Contact us to schedule a fitness seminar at your office.

Create Your Own Effective Fitness Plan – The Pillars of Success (Fitness 101)

This covers all the basics on how to create your own fitness plan. By far our most requested topic!

Maintaining Productivity at Work through Exercise

Simple yet effective exercises and stretching techniques to help promote blood flow, reduce tension and increase productivity. No sweating required!

Running Improvement Seminar

Many people run for fun or fitness, but most of them have never been taught how to run. This one-hour seminar will provide the basics that everyone will wish they knew years ago.

The Components of Fitness and What They Mean to You

The 5 components of fitness are: Muscle strength, muscle endurance, body composition, cardio vascular stamina and body composition. We define these, give healthy examples of each and offer ways to improve each

Safety and Proper Form on Weight Room Equipment

In this seminar we teach how to properly use the equipment found inside the office weight room

Cross Training

Off season training to prevent injuries and increase athletic performance

Common Injuries and ways to prevent them

We discuss many of the most common injuries most people suffer from to include: Shin splints, knee pain, back pain, heal spurs, etc. We also discuss prevention and treatment of each


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