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A Fitness Program That Comes to You, at Work!

Why Employers Love a Corporate Fitness Program

Having a fitness program for employees at your place of work is a great way to build team unity and esprit de corps.

It also lowers time off due to sickness and promotes overall well-being and positive thinking.   There are study after study that prove that exercise helps you think better and work harder.

What better way to ensure your employees are getting a great workout by having a CFC certified trainer work with your employees at your facility?

How it Works

You decide what/when you want one of our trainers to meet with your group and we make it happen.  Morning, mid-day, or evenings after work.  whatever works for you, we will make it fit our schedule.

Is there a better way to help your employees get fit than having a trainer come to the office?

Custom Fitness Concepts offers several flexible fitness programs that your employees can participate in with little room and no equipment. We are so confident in our service that we are willing to provide a free demo class to show you what we can do.

Some of the services we can offer your employees include:

  • Boot Camp classes in your parking lot or parking garage
  • Personal Trainers can meet inside your Corporate Fitness Facility individually or with small groups
  • Educational Seminars on fitness and health related topics
  • Yoga classes inside your conference room

Corporate Fitness Program Pricing

  • We charge the clients directly so your company can provide this service to your employees free of charge.  However, if your company wishes to subsidize some or all of the costs, we can invoice your company.
  • For clients, our pricing structure may vary for each client based on how many days per month he/she plans on attending class (see chart below)
  • Enrollment is on a month-to-month basis with payment due at the beginning of each month.
  • Enrollments automatically renew each month (However, changes, including cancelling, can be made by filling out our online Change Payment Form before the end of each month).
  • If your company can not provide an on-site location for our service, then ask us about establishing a discounted rate for your employees to attend our program.  If you have 15 or more people from your company enrolled in any of our boot camp locations, we will give everyone a discounted rate.
Number of clients
in the group:
Cost per class
Classes per month
Monthly rate
per person


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