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Our Bridal Boot Camp Program is very similar to our Fitness Boot Camps except it is tailored to the things that baby boomers consider important. This program utilizes exercises that directly engage the core of the body as well as the stabilizing muscles around the joints. Our clients use stability balls and Bosu balls during most exercises, which promotes balance and targets the core body muscles. We also spend more time in the beginning and at the end of each class focused on stretching. This program is NOT easier than our Outdoor Conditioning Program; in fact, some clients who’ve made the switch consider it to be harder! Many of the exercises we do are the same as the Outdoor Conditioning Program but the way in which we do them is what makes this program different. Everyone is able to work at their own pace and never needs to worry about slowing the class down, or being held back by the rest of the class.


Place: Saint Ann’s School located at 
980 N. Frederick Street, Arlington, Va. 22205

Meeting Days: Monday thru Friday

Time: 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM

Baby Boomer Conditioning Cost

  • Our pricing structure may vary for each client based on how many days per month he/she plans on attending class.
  • Enrollment is on a month-to-month basis with payment due at the beginning of each month.
  • Boot Camp enrollments automatically renew each month (However, changes, including cancelling, can be made by filling out our online Change Payment Form before the end of each month).


Classes per month
6 Month Term
Month to Month
Max of 12
Max of 8


If you are enrolled for the Unlimited Access Plan, you can basically attend any open class (non corporate site) at any time. Some restriction may apply (for example: if a special program has a limited number of participants and non Boot Camp members are paying to be a client of that program, Boot Camp Members not paying an additional fee may be locked out of that particular program/service).

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