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Here are some Special Offers from Our Partners in Health

Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts has established relationships with the following fitness minded organizations. Sarge believes in the products and/or services listed below and feels that you can to!

Nutrition Services

Home Fitness Equipment

  • TRX – Used in CFC’s studio as well as the home of CFC’s CEO
  • Power Systems – CFC’s favorite online store for resistance bands, jump ropes, BOSU balls and almost everything else needed for in home or outdoor fitness.
  • The StickIf you are sore after any workout and don’t have time (or money) for a massage, use The Stick! It significantly helps reduce muscle soreness and reduces the time it takes to recover from a great workout

Heart Rate Monitors

“Exercising without a heart rate monitor is like driving a car without a speedometer.” Tom Kalka – Sarge CEO

Specialty Running Shoe Stores


  • RoadID – ID tags for runners, bikers and anyone else who exercises on their own. These ID tags will provide emergency personal vital information in case of an emergency. CFC’s CEO never leaves home without his ankle tag
  • Night-Gear – Reflective materials such as vests, reflective tape, hats, coats, pants as well as other gear for safer running or walking at night.
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