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You have heard the phrase ”no pain, no gain.”  It’s not hard to believe that many people experience pain during a CFC boot camp class.  However, when the class is over the feeling of accomplishment is significantly more rewarding then the temporary feeling of discomfort from the workout.  This brings to mind another phrase:  That which does not kill you only makes you stronger.  Maybe this is why boot campers are so strong, mentally and physically.

Custom Fitness Concepts is so much more than just exercise class.  Our people (clients and trainers alike) care about each other and oftentimes end up becoming much more than an occasional workout buddy.  Many of our clients have been with CFC for years on end and have become friends who welcome new faces into the group to endure the pain with them.  During a CFC fitness class, you will be challenged as well as cheered on by those in the class with you.  Skip a class and you will be missed by the trainer and all your new friends.  Outside of class, it’s not uncommon to have everyone head out to a happy hour together; sometimes right after class, (all sweaty and fatigued).  Finally, on weekends CFC clients look forward to participating in events like CFC seminars, local charity events like road races or one of those new challenging adventure races.

Our clients have become a community of fitness minded people who hold each other accountable for their fitness goals (and attendance) and together gain new levels of fitness.  It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are currently in because many clients started where you are now and are happy about where they are today!

These are actual Facebook posts and the responses from CFC clients!

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I knew CFC Boot Camp was for me when ______________

  • I was willing to pay the full price after my Groupon ran out!
  • it felt like something was missing if I couldn’t make it to a workout. It’s a way of life!
  • I met Yousof and his sincere desire to make the class the best it can be for each participant.
  • When my out-shape self showed up last year, and everyone was supportive rather than annoyed when I couldn’t keep up (though now I can!)
  • I got quick results, didn’t have to mix it up or think for myself and felt like I had a personal trainer even in a class environment. Oh and no machines!!!!
  • I realized that the personal trainers from CFC cost the same amount for a month as the cost of a personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness for an hour.
  • I attend class five-six times a week…need I say more? And like my trainer, I do not miss machines at all. It’s nice to do something different with such a broad range of moves, from essential fundamentals all the way through Tom’s latest creation!
  • I made it through my first two weeks and was looking forward to the third.
  • When I left the first class and couldn’t wait to come back because the workouts were a “fun” challenge and the people felt like old friends right away!
  • When I was able to hold a plank position for over eight minutes!


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How did you like today’s workout?

  • Now I can say I’ve used a medicine ball.
  • It was great and I was able to keep up for once.
  • Sorry I missed it…sounds like a hit! I need a good butt kicking…esp. after 9 days of vacation! See you Wednesday!!!
  • Favorite one yet! I like the combo of cardio and toning
  • It was terrific!
  • It was awesome!
  • Really liked that one a lot…kept us moving and great balance between cardio and strength training!


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I’ve been a member of Custom Fitness Concepts for ____________________

  • 9 years…
  • 1 year best decision I ever made.
  • One and a half life-changing years!
  • 4+ years!
  • Ten+ years!
  • 13 months and 18 pounds
  • Three years!
  • Three years? I can’t even remember at this point.
  • Just about 2 years!
  • 20 months
  • 19 months
  • 4 years, but it feels like 10.
  • 6 months. Time flies when Andrea’s kicking my butt!


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