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silhouette_mapWith obesity on the rise in Washington DC and Virginia, weight loss is a hot topic. In busy places like the metro DC area, residents and workers often struggle to find time to exercise and manage their weight. And unfortunately, many people are finding it difficult to maintain their weight within a healthy range.

Custom Fitness Concepts answers your weight loss needs. CFC’s fitness boot camps offer you the opportunity to jump off of the yo-yo dieting train and turn your life around. Your boot camp experience will allow you to lose weight and improve your health.

Support is the Key to Weight Loss

The structure and coaching you receive during CFC boot camps will give you the support you need to achieve weight loss success. CFC boot camp instructors are expert personal trainers who will guide you through all aspects of your journey, including emotional and nutritional support.

If you have tried to follow fad diets or fallen victim to diet pills, you will be relieved to know that you can eat healthy and avoid weight loss supplements and pills with the boot camp model of weight loss. A healthy nutritional plan is all that is required to give you the fuel you need to meet your weight loss goals. CFC boot camp instructors will discuss nutrition and weight loss with you.

Boot camp instructors act as your own personal trainer and will motivate you to success. If you experience self-defeating behaviors or become unmotivated, your instructor will get you back on track to hit your weight loss goals. Your mind plays an important role in your weight loss efforts – the motivational training you receive at boot camp will carry over to your real life making it easy to continue with your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Workout Success

You will not only look great with CFC boot camps – you will be fit and healthy. Your boot camp instructor will design workouts with specific exercises that build up calorie burning muscles and tone your body.

Do not expect a workout packed with only cardio exercises. For you to achieve weight loss you must build muscle mass. Cardio is a big part of boot camp sessions but it is not all – cardio alone will leave you tired, hungry, and you will burn fewer calories than with a combination workout.

Why should you choose a boot camp style work out to lose weight? New research shows that fitness is the number one aspect of weight loss. CFC boot camp instructors in Washington DC and Virginia know that with traditional exercise programs you will not burn the calories you need to get the results you want. Our instructors take you to the next level – the weight loss for life level.

Try A Class at Locations Throughout Washington, DC & Virginia

If you live anywhere in the Washington, DC or Virginia areas and are serious about weight loss, we can help! Custom Fitness Concepts has more than 20 locations throughout the area, all run by instructors who are ready to help you meet your weight loss goals.

Click here to see a list of CFC Bootcamp locations or to sign up today!

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