888-BOOTCAMP Locations in DC, MD and VA
silhouette_mapAre you looking for a new way to improve results from strength training? If you answered YES than it’s time try a fitness boot camp at any of our 20 convenient locations throughout Washington DC & Virginia and take your strength training to a whole new level!

Strength training through boot camp

Strength training is an important factor in boot camp fitness. If you are on a quest for a better body and better health fitness boot camps, with their unique combination of strength training and cardio exercise, will give you the results you want faster than you ever thought possible.
Washington DC and Virginia area residents who are interested in losing weight and firming up their bodies will be excited to learn that they can do so right here with Custom Fitness Concepts and one of our more than twenty boot camps in the local area.

Burning Calories

In addition to strength training, people are flocking to fitness boot camps to burn massive amounts of calories! In fact, this is often the number one reason participants give for joining a fitness boot camp.
Boot camps give you what the fitness industry calls a high calorie ‘burn’. This model of strength training is based on the interval model of training – you alternate quick bursts of exercise with short periods of rest – which is known to burn calories at a high rate. The standard boot camp runs for sixty minutes during which you will be rotating between exercises with little rest. That is some calorie burn!

Improve strength and cardio at the same time

CFC boot camps also give you the unique opportunity to work your cardiovascular systems and improve your strength. Strength training is an important part of boot camp and is included in the total body workout.
Boot camp sessions are designed with little down time. The inability to rest for long times between exercises keeps your heart pumping and keeps you heart rate elevated for the entire boot camp workout.
Strength training exercises can be included at anytime during the workout. Squats, pushups, Lunges, the plank, and the lat pull down are some of the most frequently utilized strength training exercises in fitness boot camps in Washington DC and Virginia.

It’s all about getting results

When you combine fat burning exercises, cardio, and strength training into one workout you will see fantastic results. What’s more, you will discover the motivation you need to return to boot camp again and again. Every session is new and exhilarating with fresh circuits.

Try a free class today

CFC fitness boot camps are held in the great outdoors. Participants will enjoy small group cardio and strength training near where they live and work. We offer new students the opportunity to try a class for free, and see for yourself the results you can get from strength training in a fitness boot camp in Washington DC & Virginia.


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