888-BOOTCAMP Locations in DC, MD and VA

silhouette_mapWith private boot camps in Northern Virginia taught by the talented instructors from Custom Fitness Concepts, you get to tell us the Ws: when, where, why, and also, how many! We take pride in our ability to design a custom boot camp workout for large or small groups in Virginia. Our boot camp also provides the answer to the reason why people look for a new workout.

For health-conscious individuals in Northern Virginia who may have unusual work schedules or have other specialized needs, a private fitness boot camp is ideally suited! Let our trained boot camp instructors work with you to design the right workout, at the right time, and in the right location to suit your exercise needs.

By working with Custom Fitness Concepts, you’ll experience less stress simply trying to get to a location in Northern VA where you can exercise. We take advantage of a variety of locations, from campus open spaces to parks to other neighbourhood and community areas to ensure that your boot camp comes to you – not the other way around.

Everyone gets to try their first boot camp workout in Northern Virginia for free. Contact us to discuss your current fitness needs. Take a quick look at one of our boot camp videos on YouTube to see a typical experience.

With our private fitness boot camps in Northern Virginia, you’ll enjoy:

  • creative, refreshing workouts that include cardio and strength training to meet your needs
  • workouts that meet your specific schedule preferences and location needs
  • you can work out as a larger or small group, or individually with our instructors
  • you don’t need to buy or lug around specialized fitness equipment – we’ll bring it to you

Give us a call at 877-598-0530 to discuss your private boot camp needs in Northern Virginia now.

Getting the right level of physical exercise is hard enough without trying to drive to the local gym and waiting your turn on the machines. Let Custom Fitness Concepts design a unique exercise program as a private boot camp that fits your needs instead!


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