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silhouette_mapMany health magazines report that working out with a group is the fastest, surest way to succeed at your wellness goals. Add the experience and enthusiasm of the fitness instructors from Custom Fitness Concepts and their unique outdoor workouts to a group workout program and you’ve got a sure win!

By attending the Custom Fitness Concepts boot camps in National Harbor, Maryland, you’ll work out with a group of like-minded individuals who are also striving to achieve their fitness, weight loss, and strength training goals. Our boot camps ensure that you get a high-quality workout taught by enthusiastic and well-trained instructors without having to drag yourself into a stuffy, overpriced, and crowded gym.

Current class schedule:

Classes run M,W,Fr from 6-7AM and M,W, Th 6-7PM

The group workout programs designed and taught by Custom Fitness Concepts ensure that you enjoy:

  • a fresh workout with an enthusiastic instructor
  • an engaging group of like-minded individuals to share the experience
  • easily accessible locations and a schedule to meet your needs
  • and best of all … improved health and reduced stress for a better sense of well-being


Get the benefits of a group workout

Improving your physical wellness through exercise has proven health benefits, but working out with a group in an outdoor environment can provide much more. By working out with a group, you know you have people to help hold you accountable for showing up, and you have a great opportunity to make friends and meet other members of your community. You’ll enjoy the added benefit of stress reduction due not only to your workout, but also because you are spending time outdoors. Research also shows that group workouts offer enhanced endorphin levels, so you get the advantage of these “natural pain relievers” that increase your sense of well-being.

Try your first National Harbor MD group workout for free! Contact us for a group workout that’s right for you.

Many people these days are working longer hours than ever before, and weekends are often tied up with errands and scheduled obligations that don’t fit into the regular work week. There is less and less time to be outdoors and experience its intrinsic benefits. By combining your workout with an outdoor environment, you get both benefits – exposure to nature, and a physically challenging group workout designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness, reduce your weight, and improve your body strength.

At Custom Fitness Concepts, we believe everyone deserves a fresh, innovative workout. We’ll ensure that your workout is engaging, challenging, and meets your fitness goals.

Give us a call at 877-598-0530 to find the group exercise program that works for you.

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