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silhouette_mapStaying at home to take care of your kids is a wonderful and fulfilling experience as a parent. But, when the kids are off to school, why not take advantage of your free time to workout in the outdoors with other adults in Franklin Farm, Virginia?

Custom Fitness Concepts offers group workouts that cater to the schedule of stay at home parents. We understand that you have to get your kids off to school in the early morning. So our class starts up in the late morning, giving you the time you need to take care of your family first.

Try one of our group workouts for free in the Franklin Farm area.  Find out what a unique exercise experience you are missing out on. Enroll today!

Here’s why taking our group workouts will make you a better parent:

  • Getting fresh air in Virginia without worrying about your kids gives you the energy you need to best look after them.
  • Socializing with other adults before and after your group workout keeps you fresh-minded and connected with the outside world.
  • Classes are budget-friendly so you can still save for your children’s education while keeping yourself active in Franklin Farm.
  • Workouts in the outdoors with a group of other adults increases your positive energy. It helps you relax and take better care of your kids in a healthier frame of mind and body.
  • Doing something for your own well-being relaxes you and makes you able to handle the everyday stresses. It helps to make you a better stay at home parent.

Get in touch with us at Custom Fitness Concepts right away to join our group workouts. And become a part of our community where you can find other families to connect with on our CFC Facebook page.

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