888-BOOTCAMP Locations in DC, MD and VA

Boot Camp in the parkDoes a hectic workday or a long commute typically interfere with your ability to get a regular, high-quality workout? A Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts boot camp in Washington, DC that comes to you may just be the solution you need!

Take advantage of the beautiful parks and outdoor spaces available in Washington, DC.  The talented team of fitness instructors from Sarge Fitness are presenting a unique change of pace for fitness enthusiasts and the health-conscious people interested in a boot camp program.

With fitness boot camps in the DC area, you get a high-quality workout taught by enthusiastic instructors in an outdoor setting. The DC boot camps conducted by Sarge Fitness  include cardiovascular training, strength training, and plyometrics, tabata and functional exercises to meet your personal exercise needs without the high-priced gym membership costs.

Your first session with one of our fitness boot camps in Washington, DC is free. Please contact us for locations, time, and other details today.

The custom DC boot camps include the following benefits:

  • reduced stress – not only from a regular exercise program, but also simply by being outside
  • a fresh exercise routine to keep things interesting
  • easily accessible locations and customizable schedules for your convenience
  • more reliable exposure to Vitamin D and sunshine, with all the proven health advantages

Give us a call at 888-BOOTCAMP to discuss your outdoor boot camp needs now.

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