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silhouette_mapAre you a late riser or busy with family obligations in the early morning? As a stay at home mom or dad or an individual with a flexible work schedule in Herndon, VA, balancing your family and work life can be a challenge.

The team at Custom Fitness Concepts (CFC) knows that not everyone goes to work nine to five and has time to themselves before and after their workday. To help these individuals out, we’ve designed a great way to balance family and work life – a fitness boot camp in the late morning!

Come and try out a session at no cost. It is a unique way for those that have time during the day to get some “me time” and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. Contact us at Custom Fitness Concepts now!

Here’s how our Herndon fitness boot camp can help balance your stay at home life:

  • Convenient late morning time gives you the ability to get your early morning family obligations out of the way or sleep in if you work from home or do shift work.
  • You don’t require a membership! We know life takes over with kids getting sick or your work load changing. So you only pay for the fitness boot camp sessions you attend each month.
  • Gives you the opportunity to interact with other adults in Herndon, Virginia that share the same lifestyle and keeps your brain stimulated and in touch with the real world. You can also connect with them on the Custom Fitness Concepts Facebook page.
  • Boot camp sessions are changed up daily with the instructor adjusting workouts to cater to the ability levels of all members. See our fitness videos on YouTube to get a feel of what to expect.
  • Gets you out of your stay at home routine and in the fresh open-air to energize your senses and give you that needed boost to get you through the rest of your day.

Join our Herndon fitness boot camp and start balancing your family or work life today!

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