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silhouette_mapAre you looking for a better cardio workout and live in Washington DC or Virginia? If so it’s time to find out what others are quickly learning – that a fitness boot camp provides one of the best cardio workouts you will find anywhere!
Cardio exercise can help you make powerful changes in your body such as burning fat, flattening your abs all while improving your overall cardiovascular health. They are an important part of our program at each of the 20+ Custom Fitness Concepts boot camp located conveniently throughout the Washington DC & Virginia area.

Building up with cardio exercise

As a basic rule you should never do ‘too much, too soon’ when it comes to cardiovascular exercises.  This is often overlooked in self-directed exercise and often leads to discouragement and failure. Our highly trained CFC personal trainers will help you begin at your current level and gradually increase the intensity of your cardio workouts at the proper rate – thus ensuring you stick with the program and get maximum results!

There are numerous cardio exercises that you will perform as a part of your fitness boot camp. These may include:

  • Jumping Jacks with Front Kicks
  • Bicycle Leg Maneuver
  • Running
  • Rolling Plank
  • Walking Lateral Lunges

The boot camp experience

The boot camp experience does not stop with cardio exercises. Our clients in the Washington DC and Virginia area can get a total body workout through a combination of rigorous exercises designed to improve your strength and increase your stamina. Popular exercise circuits with CFC boot camps include kickboxing, yoga, pull-ups, step aerobics, running, and Pilates based exercises.

These offer you the best opportunity to burn calories and get fit in an exciting and motivating environment.

Less time, better results

We live in a fast paced world – whether you live in the Washington DC and Virginia area or commute – and the availability of a boot camp on site means you now have the chance to get physically fit for the first time. That means you can get a total body workout in much less time than going to the gym.

Try a free class today

The many advantages of cardio make it worthwhile to attend your free CFC boot camp session today. CFC operates more than twenty fitness boot camps in the Washington DC & Virginia area that can provide great cardio workouts – find the one near you and get started today.


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