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We could tell you all the wonderful things about our program but we'd rather let our clients do that for us!  Take a look.


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If you're looking for an "outside of the box" yet affordable fitness regimen that is a definite return on investment (depending on how dedicated you are of course), Sarge is, I think, the best of all boot-camp style workouts.

I've been a client for almost two years now and utilize the studio as well as a couple of different outside locations. I love the fact that there are different monthly plans that allow me to go to whichever location/time that works best for me; also good for when your schedule fluctuates or you want an AM version PM workout.

What I enjoy so much about the trainers is how motivating and knowledgeable they are. If you have a chronic injury, they will provide modifications to the exercise. This isn't some "scary" boot camp where you're yelled at and belittled, but the trainers definitely work with you to realize your best potential.

I also love that you never know what you're going to get. They don't post workouts ahead of time. Not only does this keep your muscles guessing, but also it doesn't let you have a chance to dread the workout before it even begins!

I'm addicted - in a good way - to Sarge boot camp and I don't have any reservations recommending them with a 5-star review. Their program has changed my life for the better! [Megan]

I've been going to the Bluemont Sarge Fitness bootcamp for the past 9 months and I have to say... it's made me a morning person (or as close to one as I'll ever get). I signed up barely being able to run a mile and now I can run 6. I've seen myself go from Red resistance bands (easy - medium) to Green (most difficult) and have thoroughly enjoyed getting my workout over and done w/ first thing in the AM. Our class is challenging, but just enough to keep with it and stay motivated instead of frustrated. They also provide alternative exercises in case you have injuries (bad knees, back, etc.) They have tons of locations for convenience. I recommend it to any one trying to get their butts in shape.[Valerie]

I found out about Sarge through Groupon in June 2011. Started in July 2011 and been there ever since (although I did quit for a few weeks, only then to be brought back in through ANOTHER groupon deal, and now I am here for good). [Kathleen]

The trainers are great, locations easy to get to. I actually prefer Sarge over my regular gym. The price is great. I pay around $6 per class (6 month/8 classes a month membership), and considering some nights only have 3-4 attendees, it is almost personal training.

I have seen awesome results (I do workout outside of Sarge). I am sure if I attended more (12 class a month or unlimited) I would be even fitter, but until the schedule permits, I am sticking with 8 classes a month. [Jim M]

I highly recommend Sarge Fitness Boot Camp. Every day at boot camp is different, you are challenged but yet they have modifications for all fitness levels, and you really feel accomplished at the end of every class.[Michele]

I've been a "bootcamper" for over 5 years, and when I moved from Rockville to Arlington in November I was thrilled when I found Sarge.  I attend bootcamp 3-4 days per week at Bluemont and I have to say the workouts are challenging! In just 3 months my fitness level has improved dramatically.  I've shaved 1.5 minutes off of my per-mile time and increased from 3 mile runs to 6 mile runs.  The classes are structured so that people of all fitness levels can participate and there is a lot of encouragement from the staff (and fellow exercisers) without undue pressure. And the best part is being DONE at 7AM with a great, 500-calorie burning workout. I highly recommend these classes! [Diane M.]


Tom, the owner and my instructor, Maria are great motivators.  Everyday is different, the exercises are challenging for all ability levels, and he even sends you emails on missing class or helpful tips to continue to motivate.  I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a bootcamp fitness course.  They have a bunch of classes at different times and at different locations.  Just check out the website.

I've been going to Sarge at the Sterling Studio for over a year now (first outdoors and now inside the gym).  I am not a morning person, so getting out of bed at 5:30 am is really tough, but I continue doing it because the results are great and Tom is an amazing motivator. Tom makes waking up that early so worthwhile! I usually just get to 2 classes a week and I have seen results in toning my entire body. I've been to many other boot camps in the area and this one is hands down the best! [Julie]


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