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5 easy ways to extend your workout

Tips for getting more out of your exercise time

An easy and simple way to get more results from your workouts is to workout longer. This may seem fairly obvious, but there are several ways you can extend your workout without getting bored. Here are some things to think about as you get in shape for the warmest season of the year.

Ways to extend your workout:

Increase the number of repetitions. If you normally do ten to fifteen reps each set, do 20 to 25 next time. If this is too hard, you can always go back to 10 or 15 for the next set. Pushing yourself harder will make your muscles work in a different way, improving the results you see from your time in the gym.

– Increase the weight or resistance. Add a few pounds to your weight training routine or increase the resistance level on the elliptical. This will push your body harder, burning more calories.

– Add cardio to the end of your workout. Another 15 or 30 minutes of cardio after weight training, yoga, or any other workout is not that difficult and will push you that much harder.

– Go faster. Or, go slower. When working with weights, changing the speed of your reps will work the same muscle in a different way, challenging it and producing results you can see.

– Change your grip. For many exercises, there are multiple options for how you hold the weight or the angle you move your muscles. By making subtle changes, you will push your body in a new way, getting more from the same movement you have been doing for months.

By extending or subtly changing your workout, you will be able to get greater results without a dramatic change in your workout routine.  If you have any questions about these suggestions contact one of our personal trainers for more information.

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